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How do I edit my submission?

Resubmit the form if you want anything edited & shoot me a message so I know to delete the old row. Or you can just let me know the update via contact info below.

Can I suggest a location?

Contact me (info below) if you want to suggest a location or edit to one of the location fields. I’m trying to keep it relatively standardized, so it’s easier to filter.

Can I help?

Thanks for asking! Maybe you can! Do you know how to code? I'm looking for collaborators!

Why is the directory >70% male?

Great question! I think there are a couple reasons:

  1. Date Me Docs came about as a practice in tech, rationalism, and EA communities, which are disproportionally male.
  2. Men feel safer exposing themselves romantically publicly.
  3. Women can get too much attention when they publicize that they are looking to date.

Date Me Docs, and the culture surrounding them are so new, but it seems like could be a reasonable state of affairs for men to be the ones to create and publicly post Date Me Docs, and for women to read them and contact the men they are interested in privately, sometimes with a simple message, and sometimes with a private version of a Date Me Doc. There have been women who initially made their Date Me Doc public, but then changed it to private when they got too much inbound attention.

I’d encourage women who feel safe to create and publicly share a doc to do so, and know that there is always the option to make it private later. On the other hand, this Bumble-like pattern where women remain private and message men could also be a healthy pattern. We shall see!

Can I bring Date Me Docs to my community?

Yes!!! While Date Me Docs started in Tech/rationalism/EA, I think it would work well in a lot of nerdy or intellectual communities. Bring your friends to the party! Share it on social media!



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